I am constantly looking for inspiration in the world around me. I keep a camera with me at all times, looking for images that touch me emotionally. I look for that emotional reaction when I am deciding what to paint.I particularly like painting people. I find interesting people, situations and images all the time. I rarely work on posed situations, as I find informal interaction much more interesting. I am always trying to capture that one spark about the person that makes the painting come alive. I go to life drawing classes whenever possible to practice drawing, as I think that a good drawing is an important framework of any painting.

One of my other passions is color. I love seeing how color drives emotion and how different colors blend and mingle on paper. I love to experiment with color, combining unusual, unexpected color combinations and inviting my viewers to connect colors rather than mixing them on her palette.

I grew up with art, as my mother was an artist. However, after graduating college, except for a year in the early 1980s when I took a couple courses at my local community college, I confined my involvement in art to visiting museums and studying exhibitions. I started painting again in 2003, and have been working consistently at it since then.

I have always loved watercolor as a medium ­ while it is very unforgiving, its freshness cannot be replicated. I am work very hard to loosen up my brushstrokes, to take advantage of the characteristics of the medium.

I am a signature member of Florida, Southern, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Tallahassee and Florida Suncoast Watercolor Societies. I was featured in the 2013 Watercolor Artists’ “Ones to Watch.” I was also the 2012 President of Florida Watercolor Society and am its current Director of Operations. My work is in permanent collections in Florida at Tampa General and the President’s Collection at the College of William and Mary. I am also on the Board of Tampa Bay Businesses for Culture and the Arts, and President of Tampa Regional Artists.  In my "day job", I am a coach and leadership develop consultant -- see my work website, http://www.kdurdinconsulting.com.


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